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December, the last month of the year comes with a festive mood, especially the 25th December, birth day of Jesus Christ. This day being celebrated as Christmas across the globe. Since my schooldays I associated Christmas with snow, Santa, stocking, gifts, cakes, chocolates and long holidays. And these continue to be the celebratory items even today, not just for me but for every child. It is the time when families come together. Christmas not just exemplifies merriment and togetherness, it also stands for hope that darkness would eventually leave. 

So for this year's Christmas, my poem for the children.


Jingling bells of winter,
Sounds every December,
Here comes happy holidays,
Like warmth of the sun-rays,
One night of empty stocking,
Filled with gifts next morning,
Santa visits all, tells my Mom,
Rich girl Tina and also poor Tom,
Each one's family together to merry,
With cakes, chocolates and cherry,
Fear and sadness all gone,
For this day Hope was born.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


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