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Sand, hand and the beach


This week's Blog-A-Rhythm prompt is the image you see here.

Sand, hand and the beach,
A classic combination to dreams,
Building castles or bunkers,
Minds working on their hunger;
Hunger to achieve.

Sand, hand and the beach,
A trip to relaxation for each,
Away from mundane dramas,
In nature's lap to breathe;
Breathe in sanity.

Sand, hand and the beach,
A rendezvous with "me",
After the tiresome lonely juggle,
To sit under the lamp-post and muse;
Muse about happiness.

Sand, hand and the beach,
An artist's imaginative field,
A canvas to creativity,
To carve and sculpt an idea;
Idea as fragile as life.

This post is submitted to Blog-A-Rhythm Wordy Wednesday #4_28 October 2015 #PicturePrompt.

Image Credits - Blog-A-Rhythm | Aditi Kaushiva
Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad
Creative Commons Licence


The secret of her bruises

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 56; the fifty-sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write.

Like any other mundane Monday morning,
Boredom heavy on my shoulders,
Legs resisting the walk till the bus stop,
I board the everyday crowded bus.
Taking the window seat as usual,
I sip in, a little of the fresh breeze.
She comes and sits beside me in an ironed sari,
Unknown and beautiful,
We exchange courtesy smiles,
How I notice that bruise in her smile;
Leaking drops of blood,
She quickly wipes and casually says,
“I accidentally hit the wall”,
That is all and we part ways.

Next day still mundane,
The same routine walk and the bus,
A certain coincidence,
She sits beside me again.
Only today her sari has few creases,
And her hand burning in scratches,
“My cat did this in love”,
She says, answering my concern,
That is all and we turn our ways.

Third day, I wait,
Wait to meet her before the bus,
The bus leaves and another arrives,
Yet my eyes could not have her sight.
Then, fourth is the day when she comes,
I reserve her seat beside me,
To see if she is fine,
Avoiding everyone in the line,
No scratches, No bruises;
But a plastered arm;
And a packed journey bag,
Her first day smile was the last,
I sense an ache in my heart,
Finally she shares her secret,
Before the bus could start,
“No cat, no hit from the wall,
I have a partner who is brutally cruel.”

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October is also #DomesticViolenceAwarnessMonth

Anybody could be a victim to this menace, men, women or otherwise. However, the stories of close companions that I have heard have been mostly women. Hence, the protagonist of my poem is a female.

Image Credits - Blog-a-ton
Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


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