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Swathed in The Mahanadi,
Lying peacefully in the arms of Thee Dam,
A frontier of Steel guards,
Meandering forests feeding wildlife,
And the great Chilika,
Such is her serene beauty,
Mesmerizing, scenic,
Who could bring her on canvas?
Says the painter, blind.

A LORD so dear,
HIS yatra to be,
Alone, another, leper or me,
Miniscule of dust flocking,
There again the Chandrabhaga waits,
A Sun to rise, never to set,
Colossal faith, drowned in believe,
Offering herself to Divine,
O ! look at the devadasi , sublime.

Bright, might , all independence fight,
Her Pride forever, Madhusudan,
Who challenged otherwise,
What a philanthropist, Utkalamani !
The Panchasakhas dare,
Another Senapati’s literary flare,
Or Bande Utkala, Kantakabi,
What should I write of her beauty ?
She is herself poetry.

Timeless creations, grains of sand,
The bomkai blending a filigree, so silvery,
Applique of Pipli, Patta Chitra unfolds history,
Her expression of grace, Odissi,
Firmness, Chau,
Revelry of numerous festivities,
Food, like fare,
An insatiate sweet appetite,
She is one soaring kite.

Odra, Wu-Che, Utkala or Kalinga,
A name or change,
Call her Mother, Matru or Maa,
She is ODISHA.

Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence

{ April 1st 1936 , the day , then Orissa and now Odisha was born. My motherland, matrubhumi.  I haven’t seen her well yet. But the little that I have seen, read and heard about her is all this poem manifests. }


Two hydrogen and an Oxygen

ISB iDiya for IndiChange - IndiChange Winner
ISB iDiya for IndiChange - IndiChange Winner

Two hydrogen breathe oxygen in,
Chemistry creates you with a grin,
Biology dies,
The day you bid earth goodbye,
Algebra attack by Mathematics,
I need you hiding in the attic,
Geography declares with pride,
You play in The Ganges, Thames and N Fall ride,
Archimedes' Eureka for you,
Physics balanced its buoyancy, true,
Adorned in prose and poetry,
When Literature romances Thee,
Tearing you apart for a share,
History unfolds all war over you, unfair,
Environment, your sweet abode,
Polluted, by the ruthless human herd.

 { 22nd March - World Water Day. Wishing Water a happy birthday poem. }

The one NGO that I have loaned amount recently, working seriously for bringing smiles in the rural huts of India is MILAAP .
This post is submitted to ISB iDiya Contest in association with Indiblogger.
IndiChange - Harnessing the collective power of blogging to fight evil.


Only if I had my hair barn

All long, short and medium braids,
Filed in a line for the school prayers,
I envied them all after every summer,
With mowed head and angry murmur.

No fall, split ends or lice adventure,
“Cut them”, Granny said flashing her dentures,
I begged, I sobbed, O! dear mother,
My plait so precious, don’t cut them further.

The playful locks entwined in friendship,
A ribbon at the end or a colourful clip,
I yearned as a kid for owning such one,
Only if I had my hair barn.

Alas! Teenage staged a riot,
My braids, no more the scissors diet,
Criss-crossing over each other’s beauty,
My hair matured to elegant femininity.

Caressing through my plaits now,
I find no end split, how?
A dove’s smile and immense care,
I would plait my daughter’s hair.

{ As a child I was always forced a haircut during my summer vacation. When school reopened I eyed on the girls with long hair still on. This is a memory of those days and how I finally decided to have long hair for plaits. }

This post is for the contest "Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids" by Dove in association with ""
Dove Split End Therapy


Summer's welcome kiss

{March 2013}

Said summer to me, what's my mistake ?
If God created me to dry the lake,
You know not how much it ails,
Silently watching thirst prevail,
Every breath burning to ash,
I snivel , I feel abash,
You curse me with each drop of sweat,
Oh! I wish I had rain's fate,
Trees droop and the land pants,
Cornered I am, to hear every life rant,
Dry leaves and empty streets rot,
I ask The Sun, why do you gloat ?
The mango grooves and watermelon juice,
My humble attempt for a truce,
Longing for love and tinge of care,
To request, I dare,
If only, my touch ever bestows bliss,
Promise me, I would have my welcome kiss.

{ We so often dread summer except the vacation. But being a summer born how could I not reveal Summer's pain. So here is what summer told me. }


O ! Sweet Rain

{February 2013}

The sky screams with anger today,
No blue, there is dark all the way,
Every star has taken refuge,
And wind un-tethered, fighting deluge,
Ah ! a drop of hope, caresses the land,
Mesmerizing aroma, shrouds the bland,
Abundance then makes a fall,
Playing the rhythm of lull,
The sapling that cried in thirst,
Resurrects, in the soothing burst,
Innocent giggles fill each puddle,
Look, the busy starts to doodle,
A hot sip, take the wrinkled lines,
Youth springs up his old wine,
Romance rambles in the air,
Versing stories to share,
Green covers the colour of pain,
When you arrive, O! sweet rain.

{The rain has always bewitched me. Long time I wanted to write in admiration of the rain and finally wrote it on a day when it did not rain. Instead the heat was prevalent and made me miss rain.}


Morning Charm

{January 2013}

The sun rays kiss gently,
And dawn turns over in her silk gown,
The birds chirp about the night before,
How moon flirted at the sea-shore,
The dew slides down his leafy home,
Waiting for ladybug's morning stroll,
The newspaper, the milk dressed for their ride,
While morning-glory opens with a smile,
Nature sings to me her wake-up alarm,
I open my eyes to early morning's charm.

{A collection of thoughts penned down cohesively to express in a poem. Being a late riser, whenever I woke up early morning it always mesmerized me , as if the scene was new. May be because I saw it rarely.}


----- !! SHE !! -----


They prowl at dawn, they growl when it's dusk,
Unabashedly hunting from morning till Nox,
Some inebriated, some arrogant but all sane,
They are for me spineless men.

They molest,stalk,tease and ogle,
At all times my dignity they smuggle,
I am shy,silent,tolerant but not weak,
Not every time will I retreat.

They accuse me of the time, place and dress,
Forgetting to clean their own conscience's mess,
They question me, my integrity,
Restrict me or compromise my security.

A breath without fear, I demand,
Respect, not sympathy I command,
Mother,wife,daughter,sister yet me,
Never again a Babina,Sonali,Ruchika or Damini.

{ With utmost respect, "SHE" was written in wake of the "Nirbhaya" protest in India demanding justice to those innumerable atrocity cases against women, rotting in several files for years. }

Published in the Anthology for social Issues - AATISH


Betrayed Aspirations


Few desires in life could have had a little wait,
But haste changed life's fate,
I wish I had thought for a while,
Before leaping, to walk that mile,
Furtive happiness is what lured,
Leaving behind repentance, uncured,
The past avoids closing doors,
And the future has answers no-more,
I continue to ponder over the reasons,
While my soul condoles all 'Betrayed Aspirations.

{ An introspection for all those aspirations we kill by making decisions in a rush. This was written when I was revising few of the decisions I made in life which sometimes I repent about. }


I see, SLEEP


When the breeze sits near the shore,
The tides rise high, no more,
The sun drowns yet the moon doesn't peep,
I see, Nature has fallen asleep.

When Satan lures us all,
And angels fail the brawl,
Pious souls ignite the cumber,
I see, Religion has gone for a long slumber.

When tyrants dethrone the wise,
Truth is veiled behind lies,
Inequality breathes in the gaps,
I see, Humanity seems to take a nap.

When thoughts are trapped in the brain,
Expressing is restrained,
Fear within accrues,
I see, Freedom's forever snooze.

When fairy-tales come alive,
Life carelessly jives,
A pause to take the dreamy leap,
I see, SLEEP.

{ After reading, listening and viewing everything happening around me in this world which is gradually making Earth a difficult place to live in, I could not sleep but write this down. This was written in the wee hours. }

I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at Blog Nation.




Few twinkling drops could suffice,
But I yearn for more to kill the emptiness inside.
Deftly moving, she captures all cells,
When I start to recollect all the agony I have felt.

Drowsy eyes, lousy legs,
I surrender to her after few pegs.
Cunningly, she reminds me of bygone pain,
Forcing me to the darkness of disdain.

I fall for her charm, her tipsiness,
While she simpers at me and my weakness.
She rips me off from my dear ones,
As she quietly drags me to her drunken lands.

An occasional rendezvous turns to be often,
And my soul is left behind like an orphan.
Waiting so long, now I wish to go back,
From my inebriated self to erase all unhappy marks.

{ Inebriated was clearly written for state of a person who gets inundated with alcohol or any such addiction, losing control over life. }


The Moustache I played with


The footprints that supported my infantile steps
The shoulders on which I drove away all crowded mess,
The moustache with which I always played
It pricked you, but you never said,
The arms that made me secure
And helped me face all my fear,
The candies, the colour pencils and bike rides
Everything I got without a fight,
My lawyer in all my squabbles
You guided me out, through all my troubles,
Every tear turned into a smile
When I was cuddled for a little while,
I moved ahead riding on your trust
When you stood by me in all my “firsts”,
In all the losses and win
You patted me with a proud grin,
For my career and romantic decision
I found your “yes” without asking for a reason,
You hid your pain, while mother cried
The day my nuptial knots were tied,
The vision which still guards my future
Several sleepless nights sacrificed for my nurture.

In the quarter of my life when you celebrate your golden jubilee,
Father, I am obliged to be your reflection, so distinctly.

{ This one is nothing but my "thanks" and love to my father, for being "MY FATHER", my protector. }
This post is a part of #Soldierforwomen in association with

Received the "Blade of honour" and certificate for #Soldierforwomen contest.




Few Untouched Desires there are,
Not any near but far,
Tales of the murky past,
Not long they could last.

A tussle of the two in me,
I had abandoned my desires to wee,
Pursuing an unknown path,
I moved ahead but in desires dearth.

Now un-satiated at a milestone’s end,
I surmise where to wend,
The beginning seems to beckon,
Abandoned desires return to be taken on.

Equine spirits rejuvenating,
I bury all my bygone mourning,
A desired milestone now to achieve,
With nothing in hand but just Believe.

{ Believe was genesis of the decisive phase in my life. A poetic outcome about the tug-of-war between priority and passion. }




When things go wrong,
And you ain't so strong,
Remember me as your strength.

When you feel you are chained,
And even happiness gives you pain,
Remember me as your smile.

When times are tough,
And people around you are rough,
Remember me as your solace.

When joyous moments are few,
Forgetting them becomes difficult for you,
Remember me as your friend.

{ Remembrance was a dedication to my office friends whom I met in Chennai. These 3 girls made my initial 2 years of stay in Chennai after training in 2008, simpler and fun-filled. }


Lonely Trials


Crying her way out her mother’s womb
She touches life,
To begin her journey
To struggle , to strive.

Moving through her life’s lanes
She flunks, She falters,
And finds her own way
For mistakes to alter.

Caught in the claws of darkness
She sails all alone,
Wrecked by the torment of life
She has no-one for her to mourn.

Trying her way out through lonely trials
She triumphs life,
To begin a new journey
And to end the strive.

{ Lonely Trials was written after reading over net about a certain unknown lady's struggle for survival. An humble attempt to assemble my thoughts on that. }


Our Beloved Beach


Where dawn befriends hope
Forcing darkness to elope.

Where castles are made
And dreams given a shape.

Where the sun goes yawning away
The moon arriving for her night stay.

Where the waves kiss the sand
Souls strolling hand in hand.

Where the moon’s beauty reflects in the sea
Just as your love reflects in me.

Where the breeze clears all fright
For homeless to find shelter at night.

Where life’s beautiful and rich
That’s heaven on earth, our beloved beach.

{ Beloved Beach is a dedication to all the beaches which prove to be a solace for many tired, lonely, befuddled or romantic souls. The idea to write about beaches got into my mind while I was strolling across the Thiruvanmiyur beach, in Chennai. Also then there were flashes of the Puri beach, in Odisha. }


Missing Identity


Moving through my bizarre life
Where loneliness stands alone,
I take a pause to know
Where do I belong ?

Puzzled in my own maze
I try to recognize myself,
Barren as the desert , I find
I cry for others help.

Shrouded by the crowd
I struggle for my place,
Stolen by time
Is my dignity , my grace.

Then crawling through the memory lanes
I catch a glimpse of life’s simplicity,
Assuring myself , I find
My Missing Identity.

{ I had written this during my first year of job, far away from home trying to stand out from the rest, struggling in the rat race. }


Se Terminer


(The END !!!)

Yet another transition,
Again time for a decision,
Few days to mark,
End of the four years track.

A period to innumerable canteen sessions,
Many of those furtive bunking missions,
Cease to incessant revelry in class,
Permanent occupants at the last.

Friends and foes all set to go,
Preparing themselves for the last show,
Leaving behind many ecstatic fests,
Hoping to move ahead with similar zest.

The naughtiest memories to treasure,
Quartet years, nothing but leisure,
Some melting moments reminiscent, some brawls to
And few honest confessions still waiting late.

Obfuscation gripping all,
Aspirations again standing tall,
Halcyon days marching towards an end,
Struggle is all now life can lend.

Collage of an adventurous four years,
Glued with feelings and tears,
A BONDAGE to break never,
Laminated to be preserved forever.

{ Se Terminer is the summary of our four years of graduation life. This was written during my final year of engineering. It culminates the nostalgia of any graduating student into one rhyming piece. }


Moments Longing !

{August, 2007}

Walking aimlessly through barren roads,
Gazing endlessly at the starless sky,
Sitting idly as if eons have passed
Memories fleeting through meandering lanes,
Emotions stolid, Desires numerous,
Ruminating, moments old.

Here comes the drizzle, tantalizing,
While the zephyr saunter,
Bringing her the memories, the fragrance of beloved moments,
Thus shrouding the pain of her sleepless nights , her restlessness,
And furtively she wipes the raindrops,
Longing for the moments, those moments of togetherness to sojourn.

{ Moments Longing was composed for the phase in everybody’s romantic life where they confront waiting to meet their loved one. }


The Unwanted Sheen

(August, 2007)

(For the prostitute who is desired by many yet unwanted)

As the shadows grow darker
And the larking city goes numb,
Erotic cupidity evokes
For a sheen, unknown.

Adorning surreptitious rooms
Quenching scandalous desires,
Beauty composes its ugliest verse
As she ‘weds’ every Nox.

Disowned by happiness
Anguish, her love,
Behind locked doors, she awaits her luck
Only to see, destiny’s mocking smirk.

Called as citizen of the unholy hollowness
She reflects humanity, morally dilapidated,
Estranged from the civilized realm
Ruling eternally, the unwanted sheen.

{ Unwanted Sheen is my most humble effort to depict the apathy of the downtrodden females in our society forced to choose an inappropriate path, unwillingly. This poem tries to fathom the agony of such females who are used by men as a commodity for their physical desires. Eventually our society puts into trial, not the men, but those women who are labeled “the fallen women”. }


Solitude's Odyssey

{August, 2006}

Supporting my feeble bones I tread in solitude,
Through the corridors of my lost memoirs,
Pushing weakly through the cobwebs,
Unaware, I follow the abyss,
When I confront a familiar silhouette, Childhood,
Grimacing at me,
Mocking at my solitude,
And suddenly opening the mystery box,
She wounds me with reminiscence of idyllic days.

Teased by infantile memories,
I desire to stay,
But dive into the mammoth ocean ahead,
Where I chance upon a dear friend, Teenage,
Skittish, as always,
She paints the dark canvas with myriad colours,
And ushers me to the Elysian paradise of VENUS,
Breathing life into those fond memoirs of togetherness.

Her healing touch,
Submits me to the arms of matured, Adulthood,
Tethered to the desire of success,
Half strangled is the mogul czar,
Wrestling incessantly the tempests,
She lives in dearth of happiness.

Bidding adieu,

I walk few steps and pause,
Trying to assemble and recollect,
The resemblance of the haggard semblance in front of me,
I take a few more counted steps,
To feel her presence,
When suddenly I recognize, Old age,
My present solace,
Sharing with her my odyssey
I walk into unknown foggy lands,
Happily holding her loyal hands.

The fog accrues, the figures diminish,
And I rising from my state of oblivion find my solitude, still faithful.

{ Solitude’s Odyssey was my first serious poem. I had written this poem during my graduation years. I had started writing the lines of my first poem on the last page of my notebook. Pondering over the phases of human life, this poem was composed. I remember, I wrote this poem gradually over a span of one month. :) }


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