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Love you, evermore

It's winter time here in India during February. And it was this time of the year a decade ago when a journey from friendship to courtship had begun which now has moved into marriage. Since my husband and I would be celebrating 10 years this year, to that moment in winter when we confessed our feelings, my mind is full of those memories. Thank you Poetry Jam for giving this prompt.

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Wintry evening stroll so nice,
Holding her hand,
He said, stuttering thrice,
“That feeling in you,
Is a part of mine,
On this day and forever,
Will you be my Valentine?”

For her, the world stood still,

The cold breeze kissed her face,
Asked her to commit a yes.

Standing under the single lit lamp-post 

Quietly for minutes, so long,
She said, fighting the frost,
“This feeling in me,
Is a part of you, I know,
Since this day, until eternity,
I would love you, evermore.”

Submitting to Poetry Jam - Tis Season

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)

Creative Commons Licence


For the Indian Bride

Sometimes I think and mostly do not,
Sometimes it bothers or may be not,
When the question,
That inevitable one,
Sooner or later, it arrives,
From the moment I am promoted as a wife.
My wedding make up is still not gone,
The woman in me yet to be turned on,
Only yesterday I had my first night,
And today both sides expect a news delight!
Let me know him, feel him, want him
O! Love him right;
Then for few others,
This skips for a year, two, three or five,
One sunny day, rainy day or wintry night,
“What was she doing all this while?”
Comes up a statement surprise;
“Or maybe she is barren”
A taunt so harsh might arise;
I think hard, I think wise,
What was I doing all this while?
I married, I loved, I worked and I stuffed,
I aspired, struggled and really tired,
I saved; I spent, no holiday yet,
I shifted; I drifted, lost and found,
My irritation, pain, frustration aloud,
So many worries and I thrive,
How could I carry in me a ‘life’?
When, How, Where and Why?
Somehow I didn't do it, anyway,
No reason, no fuss, no fear,
I will give nothing for excuse,
Because I do not refuse,
Yes, I do not,
I do desire,
Of growing fat without bother,
Of eating whatever I gather,
Of getting pampered, rather,
Of motherhood, that would never wither,
But I will not have it for another,
For no force, no pressure, no mockery,
would my womb give in to so easily,
When she is ready,
She would whisper to me,
With my partner in hand,
I would home you my baby.

( Motherhood needs to be a decision of the couple involved and not a forced rule of the family (both sides) , by large. This poem is just another viewpoint on that.  )

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


State of Confusion

I could be so much more than 'me',
Only if I take a firm step and not wee,
So what if I try and fail,
Atleast I will have a story to tell,
To those in the same state of confusion,
Lead a life that has a reason.

#Hexoem (Hexa+Poem)

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


Just a Pen in hand

In a dark, so silent lonely night,
Writing is that friend, an absolute delight,
Sometimes in just a line or two,
Or phrases, paragraphs, poetry too,
Emotions clenched inside, mighty tight,
Just a pen in hand and all expressions right.

#Hexoem (Hexa+Poem)

Submitting this poem to "Poetry Jam - Writing"

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


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