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December, the last month of the year comes with a festive mood, especially the 25th December, birth day of Jesus Christ. This day being celebrated as Christmas across the globe. Since my schooldays I associated Christmas with snow, Santa, stocking, gifts, cakes, chocolates and long holidays. And these continue to be the celebratory items even today, not just for me but for every child. It is the time when families come together. Christmas not just exemplifies merriment and togetherness, it also stands for hope that darkness would eventually leave. 

So for this year's Christmas, my poem for the children.


Jingling bells of winter,
Sounds every December,
Here comes happy holidays,
Like warmth of the sun-rays,
One night of empty stocking,
Filled with gifts next morning,
Santa visits all, tells my Mom,
Rich girl Tina and also poor Tom,
Each one's family together to merry,
With cakes, chocolates and cherry,
Fear and sadness all gone,
For this day Hope was born.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


White wings and Red horns

They have been part of bedtime stories since ages. Angels and Devils. And that is how every kid gets his/her first moral teachings of life. The concept of good and evil might be unfathomable at their age if told in a bland manner. To explain them that good and evil both reside within us might be slightly tough in a direct way. And that is when all stories, poems and songs give a helping hand. Say the same as stories or sing as a poem , they grasp it well and easily. 

When I started writing for a kid's theme I was skeptical. I had never written children's poetry, until now. I was definitely nervous. I had to take care that the lines should be simple, understandable and easy to rhyme along for the kid.

 And as a reward for my effort, my friend's niece won the first prize reciting this poem. It is extremely satisfactory to know that someone recited your poem so well. Takes me back to my childhood days.

So here it goes my maiden poem for the kids on their day. Happy Children's Day. 

White wings and Red horns

Little wings white,
Angel tells what's right,
Red Devil horns,
Teaches me all wrong,
I searched with my cat,
And found them in my heart.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is my cute reciter 

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


That smaller one is still my home

The train stopped at it's last destination and her journey began. The enormous city, sea of unfamiliar faces and with a known suitcase,Kiran embarked on her job life, 4 years ago. The emotions were same as any other newbie in her office. She was afraid but this freedom was what she wanted for long. As time moved ahead Kiran crossed confirmation, promotions and above all 4 years in this unknown city just like one of those many. Strangers became a priority and family missed the regular calls. She is satisfied but doubtful, if happy. 
Today while returning from office the girl in the bus was a reflection of her, 4 years ago.
Kiran asked her, "Where are you from?"
The answer brought back old, beloved memories, which Kiran now laments. 

That smaller one is still my home

Freedom, I yearned for it,
While everything around was familiar,
I desired for strange aspirations,
Now when every day is unexpected,
I turn through the album old,
Searching the familiarity I once captured,
From stingy lanes to broad highways,
From cozy walls to glass buildings,
From pocket money to salary,
From casual to formal,
I have grown,free and strong,
All along the way,
More names, no relations I've added,
Busy in conversation with just voices,
My own get listed as a missed call,
Some days I am proud where I am,
All days I wish to relax,
With a sip of coffee from "Her" kitchen,
Another of "His" life lessons,
Or teasing that sibling young,
This bigger city may have build my job,
But that smaller one is still my home.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]



Voting to enter the final round for TATA Literature Live contest starts from today until 8th Nov.
Please click the below link to vote for my poem-
AS SHE LEFT [Every Father's emotion on his daughter's wedding day]

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"And this is how I loved her",
He said to himself,
As she climbed down,
The staircase with poise,
Where her anklets giggled before,
Where her feet stomped in anger,
Where her shoes flew in tiredness,
But not today,
He stood among the crowd,
All eyes watched her,
And her embellished beauty,
While he saw her innocence,
Her fickle stubbornness,
And his pride,
Welled up eyes, his heavy heart,
Greeting each one, smiles and laugh,
He looked at her sitting there,          
Reverberating chants,
As she became another’s prayer,
The moment arrived,
Sooner than known,
When the hustle and bustle,
Began to mourn,
He gulped the pain yet again,
While she held him tight,
Soaked in her tears his silence spoke,
“I wish you never had to leave this side”
All seconds of love bestowed,
Ran down his arms,
The last time as her only man,
When he embraced her closely,
Giving his comfort and warmth,
Bidding adieu, as she left,
He waved at his daughter,
And looked at the house,
Where, as a toddler she played.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


I am Woman

I am woman,
I have a body that I proudly own.


When you grope me off guard in a bus overcrowded,
Your thoughts stink more than your sweat,
When you sneak into my privacy without my consent,
You bother me more than dirt,
When you scan me over with eyes wide open,
You pierce through me and my soul,
When you corner me waiting in the secluded lane,
Your ugly shadow thereafter haunts,
When you choose me, my parts and mock,
You kill me before death befalls,
When you rip me off in paintings on the college walls,
I feel bare even with all clothes on,
When you force me to accept your love bitterly,
I am marred for lifelong,
When you seek me as an owner, for entertainment,
I shudder while you revel, you flaunt,

You and many like your crooked mind,
Curse me, my birth,
Sometimes the ghost of you crosses my way,
I wish I could hide myself somewhere,
I demand not anything but this,
Don’t drag my dignity naked,
Nor worship me sacred,
If you can,
Treat me as a human.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


What’s in my name?

What’s in my name?
I was curious once,
I asked many,
Illiterate and learned ones,

They said,
It says all about you,

Your name is your religion,
Your caste too,
And sometimes the country,
You belong to,

Your name is your fate,
To live or die,
When they clash about,
A silly lie.

Your name decides,
Whom to love,
One mistaken chance,
And you are killed by the mob.

Your name states,
You’re from a different land,
While you befriend all,
You're still the sore they can’t stand.

That was all,
I thought to be,
When they said,
Your name also carries,
Your family legacy.

So when time falls,
Your name will be the key,
Even a gruesome sin,
But you will be let free.

I asked them,
No more to know,
I erased all I heard
And returned to zero

What’s in my name?
I was curious again,
This time, I asked none,
It is but only my parents’ love for me,
And my onus to give it,
The identity of who I want to be.

©Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


Break up, Never !

I turned around 
You were out of sight
And I thought 
Goodbye would be easy
Lest I knew
That last look of your eyes
Would clinch my soul forever.
So to breaking up I said,
"I shall see you never."

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


India, my land

From the land of the five rivers to the land where the three water bodies meet,
From the land of the Mahatma to the land where the seven sisters live,
Spreads a phenomena that you and me imbibe,
Not now but since ages she has been alive.

In the Hindus’ mantras and the Muslims’ azaan,
In the Sikhs’ gurubani and the Chirstians’ mass,
In all Parsis’ faith and the Buddhists’ believes,
She is Culture whom we seek.

In Bharatanatyam ,Lavni ,Kathak and Chhau nitraya,
In the Bhangra spirit and the Assami Sattriya,
With the Dandiya sticks and the Odissi grace,
She is Culture , we find her trace.

In the tangy sambar-idlis and the grilled tandooris,
In delicious Dhoklas and Rajasthani Kachooris,
In the Bhopali kabbas and the Odia rasagollas,
She is Culture , eyeing like a foodie lass.

In Navratri , Id , Pongal and Ganesh Chathurti,
In Rath Yatra, Ramzaan, Onam and Guru Nanak Jayanti,
In Dree,Independence Day,Christmas and Diwali,
She is Culture ,who celebrates happily.

In Kanjivaram ,Khadi ,Phulia and Sambalpuri,
In Mooga silk ,Banarasi ,Kota and Luncknow’s Chikankari,
In Kosa ,Balrampuram, Ilkal and Pathani,
She is Culture , who drapes divinely.

In Sanskrit ,Hindi ,Urdu and Marathi,
In Odia, Santhali ,Kannada and Gujarathi,
In English,Hariyanvi ,Tamil, Bengali and many,
She is Culture , who converses fluently.

In Yoga,Chess and Hockey,
In Kabbadi ,Kalarippayattu and Khusti,
In Kho-kho, Archery and Snake boat race,
She is Culture , winning with ace.

In Taj Mahal , Meenakshi Temple and Qutub Minar,
In Gol Gumbaj ,Sun Temple and Charminar,
In Red Fort,Khajurao and India Gate,
She is Culture , embracing our heritage.

In Bapu ,Netaji , Bhagat and Malviya,
In Tagore , Premchand , Ruskin and Surraiya,
In Tirkey , Bhaichung , Dravid and Mary Kom,
She is Culture , who they epitome.

An amalgamation of diversity,
The depiction of multiformity,
The identity to our past, present and future,
Standing elegantly , our formidable Indian Culture.

{ When I think of India, she amuses my thoughts with her diversity. This is a sincere, honest and respectful tribute to the Incredible India I belong to. }


The Beauty Blot

An untainted white paper,
Falls a drop of ink,
With motive or no;
Blots the sheet,
I think;
But comes the artist,
With a sunshine smile,
And an imaginary scene,
As his pencil jigs,
The ink blot moves,
Lines, straight and curves,
Criss-cross each other,
Surprised, I stand aloof,
In a minute and two,
The blot disappears,
Incarnates into,
A serene face of cheer.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


Script of the sublime bond

Wrapped in the creases of the sheet,
Lay the melting moments on bed,
Of the previous night,
When romance drizzled outside,
And emotions within,
The cool morning breeze,
Sneaking through the window slit,
Smiling at her,
As she glistens in the sunlight.

Each crease a witness
to their story,
Of the brewing passion,
Her shy love,
And humble submission,
Of tender touch,
silken drapes, wine glasses,
And his tantalizing hold,
The creamy darkness,
Lit by dim lights,
Its silence, paused by
Resonating heartbeats.

As the sky roared,
Drew the silver lining,
Beyond bodily selves,
Souls united,
Promises reverberated,
Fears buried,
Happiness embraced,
Tears rolled down,
Script of the sublime bond,
Left an indelible impression.

© Copyright \O~O/ Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


I am , Poetry

I am a thought,
A rhythmic waterfall of words,
Or a free verse,
I am a loud inspiration,
A subtle tribute,
An undying spirit,
The friend of solitude,
I am the zeal,
That sings for change,
That prays ,
I am a patriot's strength,
A lover's fate,
A mother's lullaby,
I am happiness of beginning,
Sometimes sorrow of the end,
I praise,
I dare,
I invoke care,
You write, recite my glory,
I am, Poetry.

{ I turned 50 poems old. I could think of nothing but a tribute to her.}

© Copyright \O~O/ Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


You, my FRIEND

The story of me,
A bag full of smiles and wee,
Not all could read it through,
Found hard to believe it to be true,
The one that touched the end,
Was you , only you my dear friend.

That reassuring hand to hold,

To cross the bridge over worries old,
And gift of the magic key,
Lock thy past, beckoning future to see,
The one that helped my path to wend,
Was you , only you my dear friend.

A heap of failures to clean,

Crippled confidence and "hope" so mean,
Broken pieces of dreams to gather,
Not to throw, glue them rather,
To soak my tears, a shoulder to lend,
Was you, only you my dear friend.

© Copyright \O~O/ Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]



Live for a while

I wish for the open blue sky above,
Not the ceiling of boxed lights,
A loud desperate cry of silence remains,
Over the ruins of my dead freedom,
A beeping system,
And this grayed monotony,
Even breathing sounds mechanical,
With a tiny soul shouting within,
O! You the little bird outside,
Flapping the wings that I need,
To tan in the sunshine,
Breathe and Live for a while.


{As I am sitting in my office doing my daily mundane tasks I look above the tiled ceiling. I desire for the freedom of my creative soul through this poem.}

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug] 

Published in the MAY 2013 issue of e-magazine named
TAMARIND RICE.[Page 2 - top right corner]


Zephyr's touch

Zephyr holding its lively gait,
Touched beauty's braid,
Unleashing the tresses' freedom,
Giving her an embrace, warm,
As the melting moment sets.

{ The romantic breeze making her look even beautiful.}

Day 26 - Letter Z submission.

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]



Yellow, blinding rays of the sun,
Eyes closing from the burn.
Yellow,a sunflower smiling wide,
Mustard fields by the river side.
Yellow, on ferocious tiger and tiny bee,
Drawn with black alternatively.
Yellow, a tinge of lemon squeeze,
Tangy burst of fresh breeze.
Yellow, an aromatic spice,
To the world, India ties.
Yellow, trifle a metal,
So valuable, rest becomes et al.
Yellow, a blithe spirit,
Otherwise a "chicken" feet.
Yellow, a sign to caution,
On the nails gaining attention.
Yellow, a soothing song,
A rose for friendship strong.
Yellow, but just a colour shade,
Primary along with blue and red.

Day 25 - Letter Y submission

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]



X, the tricky alphabet,
Arrives in the series late.
Add it to hold ‘a’ and ‘e’,
You could bring down a tree.
Glued to ‘ray’ before,
Malaise poses for a photo.
Replace ‘Christ’ with X,
A festival abbreviates.
Punctuate it with a colon,
Expresses an emotion.
Gift it to your partner pairing with ‘e’,
Your status becomes absolutely free.
X, the tricky alphabet,
Carefully place it mate.

{ Tried out the rhyme for X}

Day 24- Letter X submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Woman, that I love

Watch of your eyes,
Unveiling my concealed worries,
A hold so tight,
Filling the confidence I need,
Woman, you are the mother I love,
O! Sure I do.

Wrangle over the candies less,
Spoiling your painting,
Relentless jabber and complains,
Accomplice of my tree house secrets,
Woman, you are the sister I love,
O! Sure I do.

Warmth of your embrace,
Smell of that fragrance on you,
A smile welcoming home,
Gentle kiss to do,
Woman, you are the wife I love,
O! Sure I do.

Wiggling uneven plaits,
Polka dotted hat and dress,
Riding on me throughout the day,
A sister, wife and mother to be,
Woman, you are the daughter I love,
O! Sure I do.

{ A man's love for the women in her life. }

Day 23- Letter W submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013.

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]



Veiled in the assurance of confidence,
Void of untamed nervousness.

Deafened by the loud victory cheers,
Void of silent failures.

Painted in vibrant concoction of colours,
Void of the white.

Drowned in the vivacious spirit,
Void of lazy sadness.

Blinded by the sheen of eminence,
Void of anonymity.

Engulfed by the vastness of life,
Void of mortal death.

{ The void of every negativity gets diminished by the positive vibes that surround. }

Day 22 - Letter V submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013.

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Up in the sky

Up in the blue sky,
Among the cottony clouds so high,
The rays of sun piercing through,
Spreading the mat of rainbow hue,
When the bird-of-steel flies by.


{ A short description of the view from an aeroplane }

Day 21 - Letter U submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


The unforgettable childhood days

Tender age, no worries to bear,
Inexhaustible revelry,
Unchained spirits,
Energy, bountiful.

Aiming at the ripe mangoes,
Riding the cycle broken,
Hop-scotch with innocence,
Hide to seek, a serious affair.

Playful mates, what rich or poor?
Each one holds a chance fair,
The summer shade, muddy rain,
Everything a cheerful game,

Imagination walks the wall,
A talking crow, a Spiderman,
Millions of questions ringing.
Yes, No but answer all.

No tall aspirations hurdle,
Each day a new ambition,
Now preserving, before it erodes,
The unforgettable childhood days.

{ The wonderful days of childhood, the fun and the tension free life.}

Day 20 - Letter T submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013.

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Silent, Serene Himalayas

Snow clad magnanimous presence align,
Living through eons, kissing the sky,
Sequin necklace adorning the Earth,
A monastery of peace abode.

Vedic scripts and religious chants sound,
Divinity mingled in the air that shroud,
Humble doorway to the world,
Enticing everyone, for a climb above.

Deafened by the fire fight,
Blind to the bloodshed that arrive,
Each side screams, “You are mine”,
Standing amidst ashes pile.

I wonder how the ugly mind,
Not mesmerized by this beauty line?
Expressing no anguish or vengeance,
The silent, serene Himalayas.

Day 19 - Letter S submission

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Roasted Childhood

Riot of emotions inside a home,
The ladle shouts loud,
And briefcase slaps the floor,
Whom to blame? Who is not wrong?
The moments of love dead,
Crying in the grave alone.

A toddler in the cradle,
The older one behind the curtain,
Laden everyday with raped affection,
Bereaved of a lullaby, parental touch,
Negligence gives them its lap to snuggle.

To gulp the annoyance,
Unlock their horns, atone,
Difficult the reality,
If only the jacket of ego could shed off,
To patch up the family that is torn.

{ The most affected members of family feuds are the kids and their childhood. }

Day 18 - Letter R submission

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICBug]


Quietly Yours

Queued, numerous beautiful faces,
Wooing you with aces.
I stand hiding behind my flaws,
Waiting for a glance if I could draw.

My appearance messy, heart clean,

Too many to defeat in between.
If only you could feel my presence,
Longing you under the moon, crescent.

Your vastness and magnificence,

Makes me insignificant,
Expressing to you, my courage wanes,
Not to love, that pains.

A little dare, you could be mine,

To bathe in your affection and shine.
Offering my emotions pure,
Quietly yours.


{ This is a love confession of a girl who believes she aint beautiful like the rest of them around. }

Day 17- Letter Q submission forApril A to Z Challenge 2013

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]



Pointed mighty sword,
Writer of shapeless thoughts,
On paper,
But imprints the soul,
Dot, blot, calligraphy drawn,
A romantic epistle flows,
Or a war memoir in bold,
A signature, so rare, it carves,
Harbinger of goodness or evil,
With words that fall,
Prize, possession or legacy,
Guardian of many untold heresies.

Day 16 - Letter P submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Old man on the street

One busy road crowded all day,
Rags fallen, riches riding quicker,
A leper hand finds it's way,
While two others bicker.

Sultry surrounding cruelly rules,

Roasting a skeleton self,
Fate acting on him like a ghoul,
Caring father of past, disowned by his own whelp.

Why has he stretched his hands?

Asking money or little care ?
Looks at me with a broken smile and,
Buried eyes filled with despair.

As the colour goes all green,

Air slaps me in its flight,
That old man's sight tearing me within,
As I head home, he befriends the streetlight.


{ The old beggar on the street left alone by his own children. }

Day 15 - Letter O submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Never shall I part

Nonchalantly near you,
So close, never too far,
Resonating the crests and troughs,
Of your heartbeat,
I fathom you, your presence so dear.

When happiness goes stingy,

Life itself our foe,
The thought of leaving,
Not now, not then,
Never when time’s grim.

With broken oars, 

In a drowning boat,
I shall stand by you,
If only death has me,
Else, never shall I part from you.


{ Standing by the person you love the most in thick and thin. }

Day 14 - Letter N submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


Marriage or Mirage

Money, material, need of mind,
Avarice licks the soul,
A sale at no discounted price,
Meek bride standing at the wedding stall.
Parental care, an investment for future,
Advocates the groom’s mother,
Bending down at his waist,
Dignity of that girl’s father,
A nuptial knot to be tied,
Between greed and plead,
Sealed with religious hymns,
For boarding the voyage,
Is it Marriage or a Mirage?

{ The pious institution of marriage has been cursed in many parts of the world with dowry. The very base of such marriages eventually makes a mirage for the girl's side.}

Day 13 - Letter M submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]



Loitering, emotions unknown,
Flamboyance ushers,
The adamant mind accedes,
To the call of passionate zephyr,
A force gushing through the veins,
Parched lips bolt,
One butterflies’ tiara hover,
The evening sky beholds,
Beauty praises its own,
And the flip of a page musical,
Garrulous self, mum,
Engrossed, lost,
A humble submission,
To that grandeur feeling called Love.

{ My first date with Love. :) }

Day 12 - Letter L submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013.

&copy Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


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