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My name is Salvwi Prasad. I belong to Cuttack(Odisha) in India. My day job has allowed me to be posted at different places.

Writing is an interest I passionately follow. I write articles, short stories and poems, mostly in the English language. My topics for article writing are varied but major focus has always been on society norms and human relations. While writing poems though, I take the liberty to also digress to topics like nature, romance or something abstract. I have written poems for the adults and also for the kids. I would like to believe my writing ability to express emotions is better than my verbal ability.

Other than writing I enjoy doodling and crafting once in a while or more often. There is no pattern in particular.

POETICbug is the space where I unleash my thoughts only in poetic form. AFTER SUNDOWN is the older sibling blog of POETICbug for article writing. I have been fortunate in receiving recognitions for some of my poems.

My poems have featured in :

Contemporary Vibes
The Taj Mahal Review
Aatish (Anthology on social issues)
Heavenly Hymns (Anthology of divine poems)
Let them Recite (Anthology of children's poetry)
Fox Chase Review
P3 (magazine from Odisha)
Tamarind Rice (e-zine)
Writer's Ezine
Top 16 Poetry Blogs in India (A list released by Baggout)

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