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Blank Spaces

Breaking a relation where love exists but hidden is difficult. Every romantic love relationship starts blissfully. As time passes the soaked-in-love partners begin to note the "Blank Spaces". Squabbles turn into banter and then take the shape of feud. Both the involved side generally tend to forget to overlook and forgive the other. All that started with "we" begins to end with "I". And eventually the decision to part is taken. But where love still exists, parting becomes temporary and miraculously works in favour of their relation. They realize that a little forgiveness could bestow on them lifelong love.

So let's begin to mend our ways and fill those blank spaces in our love relationship.


The way it started, I remember,

Those pleasant memories of summer,
But how the cards fell,
I could not know,
The sound of it went unheard,
Amidst the noise that surrounded us,
The creases that were formed,
Bearing the stresses for long,
How the threads moved apart,
And the yarn (un)spun,
Neither you nor I could hold,
Hold back the raging flames,
The burns , the bruises revealed,
How the home turned into a house,
All that love leaking out,
Leaving behind red bricks uncovered,
As "we" got strangled between you and me,
And "I" stood alone,
How silence became our conversation,
Happiness, a far dream,
The same cup of coffee tasted bitter,
For the same you and me,
As intolerance became our tenant,
We walked away our own way,
With lost love, wrecked heart,
Knowing not the tortuous path,
And how it could merge again,
Before this rots and beings to smell,
Let's mend our mistakes,
And fill the blank spaces.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


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