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We could do better

Look out from your little space,
where you feel you own it all.
Walk around, not to inspect;
Say "Hi", exchange a smile,
Don't just nonchalantly walk away.

Read a name and know them,
Not just by their email or photo id,
It's okay if you don't remember their name right,
A gesture, a friendly one is enough.
Don't just make them feel special,
when there is a deadline sitting tight,
Or for another weekend call,
Or some issues to highlight.

See beyond that beeping chat window,
There are voices, so fine,
Talk, converse or just ask,
"Are you doing alright?"

Don't clock the breaks, value the effort,
Each have their own wreckage,
Yet they make it in here everyday,
Sweating out their muscle and brain.
Don't search for scapegoats in a mayhem,
and fill boardrooms with discussions,
Make a little room in your hearts for each other.

So yes, go ahead and gossip,
if you feel like it,
Just don't shame each other,
To feel supreme.
Because each have our own wreckage,
Yet we all make it in here everyday.

Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


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Creative Commons Licence
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