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The Nocturnal Darkness

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night
I so agree with this beautiful quote by Sarah Williams.

POETICBug_The Nocturnal Darkness

I sometimes wonder is light the solution for darkness or just the absence of darkness? If that was the case then we would not fear when there is light. But we do. And if light was a solution to darkness, the Creator would have never brought night so beautifully after the day. There is excitement in the uncertainty of the darkness just like it is with life. I believe darkness gives as much hope as light does. It is important how we perceive it because there is charm in everything, even darkness.

I am always fascinated by the darkness of the night. Somehow it attracts me.I feel comfortable and relaxed. In fact I am more focused in what I do, particularly during the night time. I prefer to work at night and more often the laptop light is just enough for me. In fact while searching the net, I found this word,nyctophilia (noun) which means love of darkness or the night.

There is peace in the silence that persists. There is no one to disturb you but your thoughts. I feel all the energy that drained out in the mundane jobs of the day gets rejuvenated at night. This definitely helps me create my poetry the way I envision them. So for me ‘switching on the lights’ signifies that which helps me switch on my inner self. And in my case it is darkness.

Like always my closing paragraph is a poem.

I wait for the nocturnal darkness,
The silence and the calm,
To the rhythm of heavy breathing,
When every sound becomes distinct,
Like each of them is free,
Standing out from one another,
No more fading into the noise.

I wait for the nocturnal darkness,
That clears my mind,
When the neurons summon thoughts,
To weave them together
into the vision I perceive.
In this low decibel around
when I can hear myself out,
I talk about the dreams
that otherwise sleep would steal.

I wait for the nocturnal darkness,
For such relief I feel,
To be what I am,
Blooming like the jasmine.
Unperturbed by none's presence,
It spreads its sweet fragrance.

I wait for the nocturnal darkness,
For the thousand stars to arrive,
Giving me hope to shine like them, bright.
That which light brings to many,
Is hidden for me in the night,
And when I switch on my lights,
I get that darkness enough,
enough to know myself right.

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Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
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  1. Awesome. You have such a wonderfully poetic bent of mind Salvwi :) keep going...

  2. Yes, everything is uncertain.So let us flow with the current.Poetic prose.Nice..

  3. First I read only one paragraph without noticing 'Read more....'.I read the full poem. Very meaningful lines.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Madhumita for your appreciation. :)


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