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About POETICbug

It started with random scribbling. I was not sure if the broken lines, sometimes rhyming, was poetry. But my little diary had them and I loved reading it. It gave me satisfaction. That was childhood's innocence. Then there was an absolute drift from the diary. It got lost somewhere in the stack of old and new aspirations. Years later, in adulthood, I met the remains of that diary again. It gave me a direction to channelize the negativity. Yet again I found satisfaction. But this time, never to part. 

I wrote for myself or for the known others. I rarely shared the poems with the unknown faces. Definitely, I feared rejection. But what's life without rejection / failures ?
When I was introduced to blogging, I started one. I started it as a personal space on web to 'type' my thoughts, in articles or poetry (AFTER SUNDOWN). As my infatuation transformed into love for poetry, I decided to give it my undivided attention. Hence, the genesis of POETICbug. 

My poems do not fall in a particular genre, they are spread across. Any topic, abstract or emotion, life or the non-living that grabs my attention, I then create my poetry. Yes ! I am naive, novice , a beginner in this field but I desire to tread lifelong and I quote, PadmaShree, Sri Jayanta Mahapatra, 

"There is something in me that refuses to die. It’s there, somewhere deep inside me perhaps. And this is poetry."

Nomenclature brief

This is just the start of a different journey, a more enjoyable one though. While pondering over what name to choose for the site I had several names in mind.
The industry to which I originally belong has the "bug" word used more often.So I thought of the name POETICbug, that bites me, instigating the flow of thoughts.

Cheers :)



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