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Everything I do
I type onto you
You complain never not
No if no but

You gave back friends
Lost in the woods
Did take away few
In a red hot mood

A buffet of expression
news, games and more
Nothing at one time
Now options galore

Important and not so
all dates in my sight
No misses in wishes
I feel so light

Like a daily chore
I login to indulge
In liking comments
And share no grudge

My typing speed has increased
& my boss seems happy
But family has the sad emoticon
'cause I only speak to my lappy

To known ; unknown on the network
Each one I say "Hello"
But I didn't know my roomate's
Favourite colour is yellow

I'm available virtually
In real too busy
Meet you at the news feed
In here its crazy

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


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