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I am the Silent Spectator

Today -
What do I eat?
In such sorry state of defeat,
When that which cooks in my kitchen,
Not just feeds,
But draws the crowd, indeed,
Shrouded by a herd believe,
No reason, No discussion,
Who promote,
It’s fine to take an eye for an eye,
And preach that is divine.

Today -
How do I walk?
With a regressive thought
In a progressive mind,
And go digital, worldwide,
While by-lanes of reality
Portray barbarism, a difficult sight.

Today -
What should I speak?
When a word to express,
Could be the reason to decease,
With intolerance raging wild
Freedom sits uptight.

Today -
I am the silent, confused spectator
Tomorrow -
I could be the mourning victim.

This poem is published in Contemporary Vibes - Jan - Mar Issue 2016.

POETICbug published in Contemporary Vibes

Image Credits - Contemporary Vibes
Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence



selfie cartoon – Brainless Tales.Indianlink

Poses, pouts and random looks,
Lighting, shades and a million hues,
Modes, effects; all settings on,
I am ready for the click,
Go selfie, go on.

So engrossed already in self,
Like brimming with obsessiveness,
Add to that a selfie dear,
I am all too virtual,
My poses check list is clear.

“Could you click a photo please?”
“Oh! Sure, why not! Say cheese.”
These smiling small talks,
Sound so rare to the ears,
Like one of the many endangered words.

Perfection, satisfaction is a selfie,
Interaction, humane is that ~
What is not called a selfie !

Please Note - The irony is even I take selfies. :)

Image Credits - selfie cartoon – Brainless Tales.Indianlink
Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


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