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I am Woman

I am woman,
I have a body that I proudly own.


When you grope me off guard in a bus overcrowded,
Your thoughts stink more than your sweat,
When you sneak into my privacy without my consent,
You bother me more than dirt,
When you scan me over with eyes wide open,
You pierce through me and my soul,
When you corner me waiting in the secluded lane,
Your ugly shadow thereafter haunts,
When you choose me, my parts and mock,
You kill me before death befalls,
When you rip me off in paintings on the college walls,
I feel bare even with all clothes on,
When you force me to accept your love bitterly,
I am marred for lifelong,
When you seek me as an owner, for entertainment,
I shudder while you revel, you flaunt,

You and many like your crooked mind,
Curse me, my birth,
Sometimes the ghost of you crosses my way,
I wish I could hide myself somewhere,
I demand not anything but this,
Don’t drag my dignity naked,
Nor worship me sacred,
If you can,
Treat me as a human.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad [POETICbug]


  1. Fabulous thoughts dripping in feminism put in so simple and strong words..Nice read :)


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