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That smaller one is still my home

The train stopped at it's last destination and her journey began. The enormous city, sea of unfamiliar faces and with a known suitcase,Kiran embarked on her job life, 4 years ago. The emotions were same as any other newbie in her office. She was afraid but this freedom was what she wanted for long. As time moved ahead Kiran crossed confirmation, promotions and above all 4 years in this unknown city just like one of those many. Strangers became a priority and family missed the regular calls. She is satisfied but doubtful, if happy. 
Today while returning from office the girl in the bus was a reflection of her, 4 years ago.
Kiran asked her, "Where are you from?"
The answer brought back old, beloved memories, which Kiran now laments. 

That smaller one is still my home

Freedom, I yearned for it,
While everything around was familiar,
I desired for strange aspirations,
Now when every day is unexpected,
I turn through the album old,
Searching the familiarity I once captured,
From stingy lanes to broad highways,
From cozy walls to glass buildings,
From pocket money to salary,
From casual to formal,
I have grown,free and strong,
All along the way,
More names, no relations I've added,
Busy in conversation with just voices,
My own get listed as a missed call,
Some days I am proud where I am,
All days I wish to relax,
With a sip of coffee from "Her" kitchen,
Another of "His" life lessons,
Or teasing that sibling young,
This bigger city may have build my job,
But that smaller one is still my home.

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]

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