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Sunrise or Sunset

This poem has won the "Prompt of the month (march 2015)" at WE magazine and published in the March 2015 Issue.

What I see is bright,
I know not if it's right,
Sunrise or Sunset ?
But it's beauty, nature's subset,
Why the hue goes so orange
when the sun arrives or goes out of range ?
I could question so much, but;
Why add "why" to this beauty?
When it’s so blissful;
It’s serenity.
Some things, best not described,
'cause the effect gets inscribed,
A rising sun has to set,
For the moon to attend its date,
There goes a romantic verse,
It could be for him or hers,
If I could, I would
go on stringing,
a necklace of words,
But it’s time to return home,
So say the birds.

{ This poem is written for the prompt of the month (March) @ Writer's Ezine. When I saw this image, I first thought it was sunset and then thought, sunrise. So knocking the confusion, I concentrated to write on the beauty alone blending with the romantic season around. }

Image (c) Arti Honrao
© Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


  1. Simple and loved the lines... the sun had to set for moon to date and how you end the poem..
    birds will chirp with the morning ray
    giving way to another lazy day
    or will buzz with busy bees again
    but the moon will stay
    if anything, beautiful and calmer
    giving way to day - hopeful rays! (i know doesn't fit in.. but couldn't help but add.. hope u don't mind)

    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked the poem Shashank.
      Your lines add in to the scenic beauty in the image. :)

      And now I know if someday I participate in duet poetry who to first approach so that the poem blends in the view of both the contributors. :)

  2. Lovely :) Why the questions when we can just enjoy the beauty that is part of nature and be inspired, right? :)

    1. Thank you Teny...You are right. That's what I felt when I saw this image. I feel certain times just enjoying the beauty of nature without indulging more into the what it means or not seems fine. :)


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