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Sans luck's charm

smiles on,
in a charm;
What more you want?
Instead have believe.
Perseverance to strive,
Unabashedly sanguine,
Even on wretched ship, looks fine.
Just like this, an artisan's sculpture,
Sculpt a life yourself sans luck's charming smile.

The form of this poem is ETHEREE(Forward). It has an interesting play of syllables in each of the 10 lines giving the poem its structural appeal.
The Forward Etheree has increasing syllables with each line from 1 - 10.
The Reverse Etheree has decreasing syllables with each line from 10 - 1.

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Image Credits - Writer's Ezine_Arti Honrao
Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


  1. lovely Salvwi... I got to try this form too :-)

  2. Thanks Archana...You will definitely find this form interesting :)

  3. Lovely lines with a beautiful message, Salvwi :)

  4. Sculpt a life yourself sans luck's charming smile. - What a beautiful thought to hold on to. :)


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