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Blood on the Blackboard

Submitting this post to #MondayMusings - 9th November 2015

As I watch the world,
From my room today,
I see a tiny shoe under ashes,
A blackboard dripping blood,
I hear cries, loud and deafening,
Pristine souls preyed upon,
What I see the most is?
Morality, stripped naked,
While cowardice smirks us all,
This day is evidence of,
When “Shame” as an epitaph
is written on humanity’s tomb.
Every day there is;
A coffin buried,
A pyre on fire,
But if this is an offering to pseudo faith,
Then the coffin is heavier,
And the fire rages higher,
Now cruelty musters up,
Hope stands helpless,
We, the common, need to hold together,
Beyond numerous barriers,
To protect the lives of many
and memories of the dead.

Image Credit : Write Tribe
Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


  1. So true. We are fighting for some pseudo faiths when the world is facing much more than that while we ignore the real issues.

  2. True ... one look at the Sunday newspaper and your poem rang a bell.

  3. Makes me feel bad for what we have become! Beautiful lines.


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