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Ephemeral worries


POETICbug_Ephemeral worries

Adding and subtracting numbers,
Searching rivers and mountains on a paper,
Trying to understand - plants do breathe,
And memorizing those kings and queens,
When homework was the only difficulty in life,
The ephemeral worries of childhood

This poem is submitted to the following challenges-
#A to Z April Challenge 2015 
#Ultimate Blog Challenge April 2015 
#Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge April 2015
#NaPoWriMo April 2015

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Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
Creative Commons Licence


  1. An unusual word 'Ephemeral'……i learnt a new word today :).
    Love the description of homework in your poem….really evokes memories of childhood...

    1. Thank you. :) I am glad we met through this challenge.

  2. Terrific word! go back to the simplicity of childhood. If only the youth wasn't wasted on the young!

    1. Hi Donna,
      Yes, the simplicity of childhood when we thought "homework" was that only difficult thing in life lest we had known it was such a short-lived worry. :)

  3. Loved it again! A mixture of simplicity, profound, and the natural rhythm I must say! Keep Writing!


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