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I am no Cinderella

POETICbug_mother's day_Fairy Godmother

One from the pair
of my favourite socks,
Hidden somewhere
in the hallway block,
That lucky pen, dear to me
and a notebook, nowhere to see,
One missing homework
from tomorrow's time-table,
Lurking in the school bag
to attack in class,
All astray, troubled me lot,
Frenzy, my search, a drought.

Those hurtful words
once a friend said,
Some teasing taunts
on me when laid,
Secrets, I got scared off,
Dreams to dare for,
Tangled in my long hair,
Waiting to be knitted away,
Nervous when I stained first,
Doubtful about my teen crush,
All testing times
when I feel low,
Eagerly waiting,
good times to show.

For all my troubles
and rough times,
Her magic wand ready to rhyme,
With mystic stars in the muggle world,
and little bit of her fairy dust,
She solves everything
and clears the dull.

No pumpkin carriage or lost shoe,
But for all my worries, true,
I am no Cinderella, just a daughter,
But my mom, she is my Fairy Godmother.

This poem is featured in My Blogworld - The Poetry Daily May 9, 2015 issue.

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Poem © Copyright Salvwi Prasad (POETICbug)
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