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Old man on the street

One busy road crowded all day,
Rags fallen, riches riding quicker,
A leper hand finds it's way,
While two others bicker.

Sultry surrounding cruelly rules,

Roasting a skeleton self,
Fate acting on him like a ghoul,
Caring father of past, disowned by his own whelp.

Why has he stretched his hands?

Asking money or little care ?
Looks at me with a broken smile and,
Buried eyes filled with despair.

As the colour goes all green,

Air slaps me in its flight,
That old man's sight tearing me within,
As I head home, he befriends the streetlight.


{ The old beggar on the street left alone by his own children. }

Day 15 - Letter O submission for April A to Z Challenge 2013

© Copyright Salvwi Prasad[POETICbug]


  1. Super poem, had a lovely flow and a pleasure to read.


  2. Good Poem. :)
    A to Z Blogging Challenge


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