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Only if I had my hair barn

All long, short and medium braids,
Filed in a line for the school prayers,
I envied them all after every summer,
With mowed head and angry murmur.

No fall, split ends or lice adventure,
“Cut them”, Granny said flashing her dentures,
I begged, I sobbed, O! dear mother,
My plait so precious, don’t cut them further.

The playful locks entwined in friendship,
A ribbon at the end or a colourful clip,
I yearned as a kid for owning such one,
Only if I had my hair barn.

Alas! Teenage staged a riot,
My braids, no more the scissors diet,
Criss-crossing over each other’s beauty,
My hair matured to elegant femininity.

Caressing through my plaits now,
I find no end split, how?
A dove’s smile and immense care,
I would plait my daughter’s hair.

{ As a child I was always forced a haircut during my summer vacation. When school reopened I eyed on the girls with long hair still on. This is a memory of those days and how I finally decided to have long hair for plaits. }

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