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Two hydrogen and an Oxygen

ISB iDiya for IndiChange - IndiChange Winner
ISB iDiya for IndiChange - IndiChange Winner

Two hydrogen breathe oxygen in,
Chemistry creates you with a grin,
Biology dies,
The day you bid earth goodbye,
Algebra attack by Mathematics,
I need you hiding in the attic,
Geography declares with pride,
You play in The Ganges, Thames and N Fall ride,
Archimedes' Eureka for you,
Physics balanced its buoyancy, true,
Adorned in prose and poetry,
When Literature romances Thee,
Tearing you apart for a share,
History unfolds all war over you, unfair,
Environment, your sweet abode,
Polluted, by the ruthless human herd.

 { 22nd March - World Water Day. Wishing Water a happy birthday poem. }

The one NGO that I have loaned amount recently, working seriously for bringing smiles in the rural huts of India is MILAAP .
This post is submitted to ISB iDiya Contest in association with Indiblogger.
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