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The Unwanted Sheen

(August, 2007)

(For the prostitute who is desired by many yet unwanted)

As the shadows grow darker
And the larking city goes numb,
Erotic cupidity evokes
For a sheen, unknown.

Adorning surreptitious rooms
Quenching scandalous desires,
Beauty composes its ugliest verse
As she ‘weds’ every Nox.

Disowned by happiness
Anguish, her love,
Behind locked doors, she awaits her luck
Only to see, destiny’s mocking smirk.

Called as citizen of the unholy hollowness
She reflects humanity, morally dilapidated,
Estranged from the civilized realm
Ruling eternally, the unwanted sheen.

{ Unwanted Sheen is my most humble effort to depict the apathy of the downtrodden females in our society forced to choose an inappropriate path, unwillingly. This poem tries to fathom the agony of such females who are used by men as a commodity for their physical desires. Eventually our society puts into trial, not the men, but those women who are labeled “the fallen women”. }


  1. Wonderfully written on a subject not often written about.
    Welcome to the A to Z Challenge list.
    I am Yvonne one of Arlee Birds ambassadors of the challenge.
    Good luck, will certainly visit during the challenge.


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