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----- !! SHE !! -----


They prowl at dawn, they growl when it's dusk,
Unabashedly hunting from morning till Nox,
Some inebriated, some arrogant but all sane,
They are for me spineless men.

They molest,stalk,tease and ogle,
At all times my dignity they smuggle,
I am shy,silent,tolerant but not weak,
Not every time will I retreat.

They accuse me of the time, place and dress,
Forgetting to clean their own conscience's mess,
They question me, my integrity,
Restrict me or compromise my security.

A breath without fear, I demand,
Respect, not sympathy I command,
Mother,wife,daughter,sister yet me,
Never again a Babina,Sonali,Ruchika or Damini.

{ With utmost respect, "SHE" was written in wake of the "Nirbhaya" protest in India demanding justice to those innumerable atrocity cases against women, rotting in several files for years. }

Published in the Anthology for social Issues - AATISH

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