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O ! Sweet Rain

{February 2013}

The sky screams with anger today,
No blue, there is dark all the way,
Every star has taken refuge,
And wind un-tethered, fighting deluge,
Ah ! a drop of hope, caresses the land,
Mesmerizing aroma, shrouds the bland,
Abundance then makes a fall,
Playing the rhythm of lull,
The sapling that cried in thirst,
Resurrects, in the soothing burst,
Innocent giggles fill each puddle,
Look, the busy starts to doodle,
A hot sip, take the wrinkled lines,
Youth springs up his old wine,
Romance rambles in the air,
Versing stories to share,
Green covers the colour of pain,
When you arrive, O! sweet rain.

{The rain has always bewitched me. Long time I wanted to write in admiration of the rain and finally wrote it on a day when it did not rain. Instead the heat was prevalent and made me miss rain.}

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